Resident Playwright

Sarah Yuen is the resident playwright for Whistleblower.

She is a veteran British broadcast and print journalist, photographer and filmmaker, who has spent more than thirty years travelling the world, working for major international media conglomerates including CNN, Sky, ITV, the Associated Press, Euronews and the European Broadcasting Union.

During her three decades of reporting, Sarah has covered numerous major world events, from the fall of Eastern Europe to the Arab Spring; from the Gulf War to the Afghan conflict; from earthquakes and tsunamis to floods and famine. She has interviewed presidents and prime ministers, dictators and rebel leaders from Africa, to Asia to the Americas.


Whistleblower’s recent production, the off-Broadway ‘Echoes of Ebola’, was the first play Sarah had written (in conjunction with Whistleblower partner Jack Gilliat), but she is a published author of fiction and non-fiction novels, as well as an experienced screenwriter.

In writing ‘Echoes of Ebola’, Sarah drew on her vast personal experience of the charity business. Sarah and Jack’s next collaboration, ‘The Land of Cheesecake and Ice Cream’ at Theatre Row in February 2017,  also allowed Sarah to draw on her personal experience of two years on the front line in Afghanistan, with British, American and Afghan troops. .

She divides her time between homes in Asia and New York, but continues to travel widely to document major world events for the international media.