The most recent Whistleblower production was ‘The Land of Cheesecake and Ice Cream’ at Theatre Row, 42nd Street, New York, from February 9th – 12th 2017.

‘Hunter 11’, a 10-ton ammunition truck, departed for a Forward Operating Base in a war-torn country in the Middle-East. The trip was scheduled to take 3 days and cover 1,000 miles across the desert. But nothing went as planned. The soldiers protecting ‘Hunter 11’
came under constant threat of attack and each man was pushed to his limits; exhausted, scared and hanging on to the shreds of emotions. There are no unwounded soldiers in the ‘War on Terror’.


‘The Land of Cheesecake and Ice Cream’ was written & directed by Jack Gilliat, founder of Whistleblower. The story was devised by Sarah Yuen. 

‘Echoes of Ebola’ was Whistleblower’s debut production, which was performed at Playwright Horizons’ Peter Jay Sharp Theater from June 8th to 18th 2016.

‘Echoes of Ebola’ was set in an African country in the present day, as a killer virus ravaged the population and threatened a worldwide pandemic.

Echoes Of Ebola Ticket Carousel 1130x445px

The play starred Daniel Damiano, Joan D. Saunders, Lucious Conway, Santoya Fields, Yaw Asante and Jack Gilliat.

Two scientists (African Aisha Laboru and American Aidan Jones) and two veteran aid workers (African Kofi Bello and American Joy Cartwright) are based in one small town. The scientists are working on a vaccine for the virus and the aid workers are there to bring succor to those affected. But when a young American journalist (Ned Jacobs) comes to town, asking questions nobody wants to answer, their motives are challenged and then laid bare. At the same time an African landowner (Zuri Nbongo), with a secret of his own, provides the missing puzzle piece, exposing a sinister depopulation agenda with far reaching consequences, not only for the country and the continent, but for all mankind.

Whistleblower has two other stage-plays in development for the end of 2017. More news soon.