Manny Dunn will dual role in ‘Echoes of Ebola’

Dancer, singer and actor Manny Dunn is to play two roles in the Off-Broadway performance of ‘Echoes of Ebola’.

Manny will play Simon the bartender in the stage play at The Peter Jay Sharp Theater on Theatre Row, 42nd Street from June 8th to June 18th. ‘Echoes of Ebola’ is set in a small West African town which is the epicenter for a killer virus outbreak. The local hotel bar is the meeting place for aid workers, scientists and journalists alike and a large part of the play takes place in that location.

But it is Manny’s talent for dancing – and particularly African dancing – which has earned him his second role of an African witch doctor, at a time when traditional healing methods are being suppressed in favor of Western medicine and the race for a lucrative vaccine.


Manny featured in two productions for the AlphaNYC Theater Company, both directed by Adam Roebuck: King Neptune in The Little Mermaid and Prince Aden in The Water Of Life . He also played Kerry in Barb Slocum’s ‘Sandwiched’ and was in Christopher Scott’s ‘Monstercano’.

He enjoys film acting as much as stage acting. He enjoyed supporting roles in ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’ and ‘Whose Party Is This?’

Jack Gilliat, Co-Artistic Director of Whistleblower and one of the lead actors in ‘Echoes of Ebola’ said: “Manny’s dancing ability is extraordinary. He is indefatigable, and he is a great actor too. We are so pleased he has agreed to join us for this production.”

‘Echoes of Ebola’ Director, Zenon Kruszelnicki, said: “I am so looking forward to directing Manny in this play. He will bring a lot of innovation to the dancing part of his role, but he is also a good, solid, diligent actor so it will be a pleasure to work with him.”








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