Filming Virus Survivors In Africa For Stage Projection

Whistleblower is presently filming in Africa, with actual killer virus survivors, to allow them to be projected “live” off-Broadway this June during every performance of ‘Echoes of Ebola’ using a high definition state-of-the-art technique.

The people, who either caught Ebola, or lost family members who did, and have suffered hugely ever since,  will “star” in the ‘Echoes of Ebola’ stage play as life-size projections, standing amid the actors and interacting with them.

“It has been a journey of discovery for us here at Whistleblower, through some of the most innovative projection possibilities available on the market right now – some of them at an eye-watering cost!” says the Director of ‘Echoes of Ebola’ Zenon Kruszelnicki.

“For instance, we did not know it was possible to project an image onto a fine mist of water droplets coming from an air-conditioner type unit hanging from the ceiling, and have your actor walk straight through the holographic projection. It is definitely stunning. But so is the price tag, even of a rental.” 

But the rather less costly existence of holographic projection film, and holographic and rear projection paints and applications, and even transparent glass with inbuilt projection qualities has had us all drooling over the possibilities. “It is never a good idea to start watching all those youtube tutorials. Days have been lost,” said Zenon.  

But we have now found something fantastic which is within our budget and cameraman Michael Duff, who is based in Sierra Leone full time, for any of you who need a freelance there at short notice ( is the man at the shooting end. Whistleblower Co-Artistic Director Jack Gilliat wearing his Technical Designer hat, will bring them to life from June 8th – 18th.

“The interviewees in Africa cannot believe they are going to “appear” off-Broadway in the United States, however much we try to explain how!” said Jack. 

Come and see how we do it! Tickets available now and by clicking here. Tickets will also soon be on sale at the Drama Book Shop in Manhattan. By buying a ticket you will contributing directly to the support of these people as the playwrights’ proceeds from the show go directly to them.

A ticket for the Whistleblower Members Only preview on June 8th will only cost you $14*.

Many thanks to Magazine Wharf Kids Charity for all their help in organizing the Africa end of filming, especially the wonderful Samuel Tagba. And many thanks to international photojournalist Kate Holt for letting us share these stunning pictures.

*Each ticket available at costs $19 but we give you a cash refund of $5 per person if you give us a short written or video review on the way out of the theatre. We are keen to find out what you think!

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