Daniel Damiano Off-Broadway Again In ‘Echoes of Ebola’

Daniel Damiano, who will play scientist Aidan Jones in Whistleblower’s production ‘Echoes of Ebola’ Off-Broadway this June, is an award-winning playwright and the co-founder/co-artistic director of Fandango 4 Art House theatre production company, as well as being a renowned and award-nominated actor.

As a theatrical actor he has played a wide variety of lead and character roles for numerous companies including Active Theatre Company; Mind The Gap; WorkShop Theater Company, Fallen Angel, New Group/Rattlestick, Pearl Theatre Company and Blue Heron Theatre Company. Daniel recently completed a five-month Off-Broadway run as the auction house general manager Daniel Pinkerton in Brian Jaffe’s acclaimed interactive farce ‘Going Once, Laughing Twice’, directed by Eric Parness at St Luke’s Theater in New York City.

You can see Daniel’s full list of credits here.

In ‘The Laramie Project’ NYtheatre.com said: “It is Daniel Damiano who steals the night with his amazingly colorful characters and larger than life presence on stage.” As Larry Fishbowl in ‘Super Fishbowl Sunday’, Time Out New York’s David Cote wrote: “Damiano stands out with a crisp, deranged performance.”

Daniel said of his new role: “I’m very pleased to be a part of the premiere of Echoes of Ebola, and I am particularly excited to be playing Aidan Jones; an American scientist working in Africa in the pursuit of a vaccine for a deadly virus, whose higher aspirations have waned over time as a result of a political machine in which he has become a willing participant.”

Whistleblower’s co-Artistic Director Zenon Kruszelnicki said Daniel’s range of experience in theater, and his remarkable acting skill, was a huge fillip for ‘Echoes of Ebola’:

“I am looking forward to working with Daniel immensely. He plays the jaded American aid worker, who feels his whole life to be a failure, with gritty realism. ‘Echoes of Ebola’ is a play about how good people can be enticed or encouraged to do bad things and all the flaws present in the human character which lead us to that point. Daniel is great in the role and I am excited to bring this production to the New York stage.”

Daniel has had his own plays produced in the US, as well as in Australia and the UK. They include the critically acclaimed ‘The Dishonorable Discharge of Private Pitts’, directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan at the IATI Theatre, and ‘Day of the Dog’ which was performed at 59E59 Theatre after being nominated for Best New Play in the St Louis Theatre Circle Awards.

On film Daniel, among other roles,  has played Dr K. Lulis in Scene Lab’s docu-film ‘Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying To Eat’, and he is soon to begin filming a ‘City of Mercy’ episode for Sidewalkprophecy Films.

‘Echoes of Ebola’ will be performed at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on 42nd Street from June 9th – June 18th. Tickets will be available soon.


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