Joan D. Saunders Plays Joy In ‘Echoes of Ebola’

Dramatic and comedic actress Joan D. Saunders will play Joy Cartwright in the forthcoming off-Broadway production ‘Echoes of Ebola.’

She comes to this role at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on 42nd Street this June with a long list of New York theatrical credits to her name, including ‘The Hot L Baltimore,’ directed by Peter Jensen; ‘Being Flynn, a tableau vivante,’ directed by Spencer Lott; Strawberry Festival entry ‘On the Rocks’; ‘Champagne Lady’ at the Midtown International Play Festival, and ‘How I Learned to Drive’ and ‘Our Town’ by Tongue in Cheek Theater Productions.

Joan played a lead role, Iris, in ‘Scenes of a Sexual Nature,’ produced by the Water People Theater Company, and she has also performed in San Francisco and London. Her training includes the American Conservatory Theatre and the T. Schreiber Studio, and she has studied with Alan Arkin.

She has featured in a number of films, including ‘A Good Deed’ and ‘American Spanish’ for VL Productions; ‘Wall Street Barbie’ for Justin Thomas & Co., and film short ‘The Blanket’ for Rule 6 Productions.

In ‘American Spanish,’ Joan played the role of a cougar, and her role in ‘Echoes of Ebola’ also calls for a sexy, glamorous fifty-something — in this case, an aid worker who appears to be dedicated to helping the disadvantaged in Africa, but is actually facilitating a sinister vaccination and depopulation agenda.


“I am very excited about this new role for Whistleblower New York,” said Joan. “I find the story fascinating, and Joy is such a multi-faceted, flawed character; as vulnerable as she is tough. She is a real challenge to portray, even if I can identify with many of her drivers and, of course, her time of life. It is a great cast, and I am looking forward both to the experience and to the reaction to this extraordinary play.”

Zenon Kruszelnicki, director of ‘Echoes of Ebola,’ said of Joan: “We were stunned when Joan walked through the door for her audition. She was Joy, just as we had imagined her. Even the mannerisms she portrayed were how we envisaged Joy. Joan was very funny as Joy, too, and had the casting team laughing out loud. We are thrilled to have cast such an accomplished actor for our debut production.”

‘Echoes of Ebola’ will be performed at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater, June 9–June 18, 2016. Tickets will be on sale soon.






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