Jack Gilliat cast in ‘Echoes of Ebola’

Ned Jacobs in ‘Echoes of Ebola’ is to be played by Jack Gilliat, a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and a member of the 2015/2016 New York Academy Company.

Jack has been acting in public theater performances since he was 15 and a student at the Webb Schools in California. Leading roles in ‘The Seagull’, ‘Antigone’, ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘The 25th Annual Puttnam Spelling Bee’, among others, confirmed to Jack that he wanted to spend his career exploring the many and varied opportunities of theatrical acting.

A coast-to-coast move and acceptance into the AADA with a scholarship cemented that determination for this British-born but France-raised young actor. He is bilingual.

As part of the New York Academy Company, Jack was cast in numerous challenging roles including Dan, the tortured former Army Officer in Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Private Fears in Public Places’, directed by Jonathan Bolt, and Jimmy in Paul Downs Colaizzo’s ‘Really Really’ directed by Chris Dolman. He played Malvolio in the Academy’s version of ‘Twelfth Night’, and further satisfied his penchant for comedy with his portrayal of Bartley in Martin Mcdonagh’s ‘Cripple of Inishman’. Jack also played Terry in Gary Mitchell’s ‘Loyal Women’, directed by Matt Torney.

He is soon to appear in two one-act plays at Mind The Gap Theatre’s 2016 Britbits 8 festival and is also presently shooting a movie.

Like his character Ned in ‘Echoes of Ebola’, a play which he co-wrote,  Jack is the son of two international journalists. He has travelled the world since he was born and has a keen interest in politics and world affairs.

“I fully identify with Ned’s determination to seek out the truth, and shine a light on what is going on in the world right now. I fear we are at a critical juncture in history, and the arts can educate people in as effective, if not a more effective, way than the mass media.”

Jack and director Zenon Kruszelnicki are co-artistic directors of the Whistleblower joint venture between their two companies, which is presenting the off-Broadway production of ‘Echoes of Ebola’ at the Peter Jay Sharp theater on 42nd Street this June. They are also already planning a film of ‘Echoes of Ebola’ to be shot in West Africa this summer.

“We are as interested in film as theatre and we are keen to focus on projects which will translate well in both mediums. We have international backers who believe in us. While acting is my passion, I have my own production company, ‘Eye of a Fly Productions’, here in New York City and we intend to explore all technological mediums in the development of our art,” said Jack.

Jack is presently the Technical Production Designer for Origin Theater Company’s critically acclaimed production of ‘The Hundred We Are’ at The Cell theater, directed by Erwin Maas.

Zenon Kruszelnicki said of his co-artistic director: “I have seen, and been part of, Jack’s theatrical development over several years. He and I are looking forward to exploring opportunities together and collaborating on many more crucial projects.”

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