Whistleblower Supports Ebola Charity

The playwrights of the Whistleblower production, ‘Echoes of Ebola’, will donate the revenue they receive for the rights to stage the play in New York City this June to Magazine Wharf Kids, a charity supporting some of the poorest Ebola survivors in Sierra Leone.

Many are now orphans who can no longer go to school. Instead they must work to get enough money to eat. The levels of child prostitution have soared since the virus struck.

magazine wharf kids 2


A British army brigadier who led the British military Ebola relief effort in Sierra Leone set up the charity and funded it alone until others got on board.

The needs of the Ebola survivors, and those left alone as a result of the virus, are great but relatively cheap. Whistleblower is proud to support the Magazine Wharf Charity.

You can read more about Magazine Wharf Kids here https://www.facebook.com/MagazineWharfKids/ and follow them on Twitter. If you have a few dollars to spare each month they could certainly be put to a good cause in Sierra Leone via Magazine Wharf Kids.

Photos courtesy of freelance photojournalist, Kate Holt. 






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