Lucious Conway cast as Kofi Bello

Actor Lucious Conway is to play jaded African aid worker Kofi Bello in Whistleblower’s forthcoming production: ‘Echoes of Ebola’.

Lucious has been a journeyman actor in theater, film and television in New York City, Detroit, and Orlando since 1975. He was Monte in ‘Three Card Monte and the Royal Flush’ at the Detroit Repertory Theater. He appeared in Ron Milner’s ‘The Rhythm and the Blues’ and Michael Matthew’s ‘Mama Don’t’ and was part of the ensemble at the Orlando Shakespeare Festival.

A child-acting prodigy, one of Lucious’ first roles was playing Rainey in the Black Experience Players’ production of the Langston Hughes one-act play ‘Soul Gone Home’. Directed by Evelyn McCullough, the play centered on the feelings of the 12 year-old son of a prostitute who died from malnutrition while she was sleeping.

It is a theme Lucious has explored many times in his lengthy acting career; that of the lesser worth of black lives, and a narrative which permeates through ‘Echoes of Ebola’ as well.

As Kofi Bello, Lucious plays a veteran African aid worker employed by an international NGO who has striven all his career to disassociate himself from his African roots, and who despises the weakness and dependence of his uneducated countrymen. Kofi Bello sees no benefit in supporting Africa’s “useless eaters”.

“In real life African-American men can often be faced with harsh choices,” says Lucious Conway. “We often have to choose between personal advancement and the advancement of our people. We are often tested to decide what is more important and why. I understand Kofi’s motivations even though I don’t agree with them. But that is what will make this character so fascinating to play. Plus we are both of an age, where it is time to put up or shut up, and pick a side, and I am excited to see where this role will take me.”

Lucious is a producer as well as an actor and singer, and one with a strong social conscience. He has performed his one-man play entitled “Caught In The Crossfire”, about a young black boy who became a behavioral scientist after being subjected to molestation and rape, at homeless shelters and universities across the United States. It is presently being reworked with a new title, the ‘4-I’s’, and explores institutional racism, classism and sexism.

His most recent film project is a soon-to-be-released short, entitled ‘Moving Express’ by John Singletary, about an NYPD detective faced with having to arrest his own son.

To watch Lucious in “Moving Express” click here.

‘Echoes of Ebola’ director Zenon Kruszelnicki said: “Lucious was a strong candidate for Kofi Bello from the moment we saw his self-tape. When we met him in person it was obvious he embodied the very essence of Kofi Bello and we were compelled to offer him the role, and delighted when he accepted. We are looking forward to exploring this very complex character in partnership with him.”

Echoes of Ebola opens at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre on 42nd Street in New York City on June 9th 2016 and runs until June 18th. Tickets will be available to purchase from mid-April.


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