Whistleblower Assistant Director

Teresa Lafferty has been assisting Whistleblower since its inception and is a strong supporter of its first production, Echoes of Ebola, for which she will be the Assistant Director.

She believes that theater and art can, and should, be an access point for audiences to see and view the world around them through a different lens. She shares with her colleagues at Whistleblower a desire to create substantial, provocative new art forms that light a spark in those who witness them.

Teresa is a classically trained actress, dancer, and singer: a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (’15) and a B.F.A. student at The New School for Drama, seeking a Dramatic Arts degree in Acting, Directing and Playwrighting.

She is excited to be dipping her toes in the directing chair under Zenon Kruszelnicki, her former teacher who played a crucial role in her training at the AADA.

Teresa hopes that Whistleblower will be able to serve as a medium for so many new voices to be heard; voices that need to be heard. And she is eager to play her part in facilitating that.

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